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Société de transport d'Innistrad's logo since 2019.

Société de transport d'Innistrad (STI) is the authority behind bus routes and the subway in Innistrad.

The company was founded in 2019 and has a bus system based on Québec City's. The métro system isn't based specifically on anything.


Originally, STI was founded to serve major routes, such as Voldaren Highway 66 and Voldaren Highway 71 in order to give an alternative to the then often congested two lane roads. The original system had four routes:

  • Parcours 1, which was a way to connect L'Étang-du-Ouest, Havre-aux-Maisons, Deep Cut and SimpleFlips.
  • Parcours 57, a local Havre-aux-Maisons route.
  • Express 356 and 357, going from downtown Havre-aux-Maisons to other neighborhoods in town.
  • Express 392, which acted as a faster route than parcours 1.

Creation of Métrobus and massive expansion[]

The system would get a massive upgrade thanks to the creation of Métrobus routes. The first one, Métrobus 801, replaced old parcours 1 between Havre-aux-Maisons and SimpleFlips. The decision to make Métrobus routes was actually very sudden, as parcours 1 was being extended to Grande-Entrée when it was decided to give it the Métrobus 801 name. Métrobus 800 was created a bit later, and it ran with Métrobus 801 from the old end of then-Voldaren Highway 69 to downtown Havre-aux-Maisons, where 800 took a eastern path to L'Étang-du-Ouest and 801 took old parcours 1's path. Parcours 1 wasn't dead, though, thanks to the different routing of Métrobus 800. As a matter of fact, it still exists to this day.
Since then, the system was massively expanded, with many bus routes popping up everywhere on the map. As of February 25th, 2022, there are 84 bus routes going in pretty much every corner of Innistrad, as well as one subway line going from SimpleFlips to L'Étang-du-Ouest.

Types of bus routes[]

There are five categories of routes: Parcours, Intermédiaire, Express, Spleef and Métrobus.

Parcours: Standard service. Usually has service with standard (40') buses, but some routes may have articulated (60') buses if needed. Numbers range from 1 to 99.
Intermédiaire: Local service related to connecting some neighborhoods to other services, such as Express routes and the subway. The routes are served by standard (40') buses off peak and articulated (60') buses in the peak hours. Numbers range from 100 to 199.
Express: Peak hour service from many towns to bigger towns. Numbers range from 200 to 299 (to/from Deep Cut), 300 to 399 (to/from Havre-aux-Maisons) and 500 to 599 (to/from Kalamazoo).
Spleef: Bus routes going from most major towns to the Spleef arena in Las Vegas. They're set up exactly like Express routes, but with less stops, and service is usually only available during Spleef events, though some (listed below with an asterisk) have all-day service. The routes are numbered in the 400s.
Métrobus: The core of the bus system, Métrobus routes are only served by articulated (60') buses, except during peak hours where standard (40') buses may be used as extra.

Route list[]


  • Italics denote a future route.
  • Strikethrough denotes a former route.
  • An asterisk (*) denotes that an Express or Spleef route runs all day.


- Parcours 1: The very first parcours in Innistrad, parcours 1 connected Havre-aux-Maisons and L'Étang-du-Ouest. It once went from the latter city to Deep Cut via Yankovic, but parcours 2 now does that, and 1 instead heads to Pittsburgh. (every 10 min, does Havre-aux-Maisons/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Pittsburgh)
- Parcours 2: Former parcours 1 between Deep Cut and L'Étang-du-Ouest, it then overlaps with 1 from there to Pittsburgh. (every 10 min, does Deep Cut/Yankovic/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Pittsburgh)
- Parcours 4: Originally just a connection from Todokete, it was extended twice, the first time to Yankovic along the new I-81, and the second time replacing parcours 65 to Deep Cut. (every 20 min, does Deep Cut/Yankovic/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Todokete)
- Parcours 5: The only direct parcours between Grande-Entrée and Sainte-Avacyn. The Oromocto/Bad Apple!! segment is fully overlapped with Métrobus 802. (every 15 min, does Bad Apple!!/Oromocto/Grande-Entrée/Sainte-Avacyn)
- Parcours 7: see Métrobus 807
- Parcours 11: an alternative to Métrobus 802, but it serves neighborhoods at each end while 802 keeps going on the highway. Also, it turns on the old I-55 alignment when 802 keeps going on the new freeway. (every 30 min, does Pawhuska/Havre-aux-Maisons)
- Parcours 12: A long parcours connecting many southern towns. (every 15 min, does Grande-Entrée/Gallup/Las Vegas/Shediac/Saint Peters/Nashoba/Pawhuska)
- Parcours 19: An alternative to Métrobus 803, but it takes a slightly different path and serves the eastern neighborhoods of Gallup (every 30 min, does Oromocto/Gallup)
- Parcours 24: A direct parcours between Ohio, Bad Apple!! and Las Vegas. (every 15 min, does Ohio/Bad Apple!!/Las Vegas)
- Parcours 25: A more direct path from Santa Monica to Grande-Entrée. (every 30 min, does Santa Monica/Grande-Entrée/Grosse-Île)
- Parcours 27: Formerly a local parcours in Santa Monica, but it was extended in order to make it even more direct than parcours 25, which has to loop in Grande-Entrée. More recently, it was extended with Métrobus 800 towards Los Santos. (every 30 min, does Los Santos/Santa Monica/Grande-Entrée/Grosse-Île)
- Parcours 28: A very direct way between L'Anse-à-la-Cabane, Grande-Entrée and Grosse-Île. (every 20 min, does L'Anse-à-la-Cabane/Grande-Entrée/Grosse-Île)
- Parcours 33: a former seasonal route that went to the top of the Montagne d'Or near L'Étang-du-Ouest. It was replaced by an extension of parcours 58. (seasonal, every hour, did L'Étang-du-Ouest/Montagne d'Or)
- Parcours 34: a route that goes directly from and to Santa Monica and SimpleFlips. Numbered as such due to being mainly on Interstate 34, which connects the two towns. It also extends to Los Santos and Sandy Shores on Voldaren Highway 48 and I-36. (every 15 min, does Sandy Shores/Los Santos/Santa Monica/SimpleFlips)
- Parcours 35: one of the legs of the "Bruce triangle" composed of parcours 35, 36 (now 90) and Métrobus 804. It was since extended south to Pawhuska. (every 15 min, does Pawhuska/Bruce/L'Étang-du-Ouest)
- Parcours 36: formerly the second leg of the triangle, went to Havre-aux-Maisons instead. Now a part of Parcours 90. (did Havre-aux-Maisons/Bruce)
- Parcours 37 (future): A planned parcours, connecting Pawhuska with Pittsburgh via Tuscaloosa. (every 15 min, will do Pawhuska/Bruce/Tuscaloosa/Pittsburgh)
- Parcours 40: local Waco service. (every 15 min, does Waco)
- Parcours 41: local Astolfo service. (every 15 min, does Astolfo)
- Parcours 42: A parcours that not only does local Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! service, but also connects to Pawhuska via I-42, which is coincidentally numbered. (every 15 min, does Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!/Pawhuska)
- Parcours 43: see Métrobus 806
- Parcours 44: Covers the stretch of parcours 43 that Métrobus 806 doesn't cover anymore. It extends a bit further north of the 806 turn for connections with other bus routes. (every 20 min, does Deep Cut)
- Parcours 46: A way less direct way to and from L'Étang-du-Ouest and Havre-aux-Maisons. It also goes to Pawhuska, bypassing the town before going to Astolfo. (every 20 min, does Havre-aux-Maisons/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Pawhuska/Astolfo)
- Parcours 47: A parcours connecting Nashoba with Astolfo, Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! and Schlattville. (every 15 min, does Nashoba/Astolfo/Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!/Schlattville)
- Parcours 48: local Pittsburgh service. (every 20 min, does Pittsburgh)
- Parcours 50: A parcours following I-50 on all of its route. It stays on I-50 in the Flood oblast as Métrobus 804 goes in downtown. It goes past the eastern end of I-50 to serve L'Étang-du-Ouest and Schlattville. (every 20 min, does Flood/Kalamazoo/Havre-aux-Maisons/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Schlattville)
- Parcours 52: A parcours going from Castlevania to the Lowe's in Deep Cut. (every 20 min, does Castlevania/Bagdad/Deep Cut)
- Parcours 53: A parcours going from Bagdad to east Deep Cut. (every 20 min, does Bagdad/Deep Cut)
- Parcours 54: A parcours going from Kalamazoo to the Lowe's in Deep Cut. (every 20 min, does Kalamazoo/Deep Cut)
- Parcours 55: Formerly just a local parcours in Leggid, 55 was then extended to multiple times its original length. The section from Havre-aux-Maisons to L'Étang-du-Ouest replaced Express 346. It is numbered as such due to the many turns it takes in Leggid. (every 20 min, does Flood/Leggid/Bagdad/Deep Cut/Havre-aux-Maisons/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Todokete/Waco)
- Parcours 56: Formerly Express 357, changed to a local route when the Express routes became really long. Eventually, it was extended to the L'Étang-du-Ouest harbor. (every 15 min, does Havre-aux-Maisons)
- Parcours 57: One of the original parcours, it remained mostly on the same route for most of its life. (every 15 min, does Havre-aux-Maisons)
- Parcours 58: Formerly Express 358, changed to a local route when the Express routes became really long. It was also extended north to L'Étang-du-Ouest and Montagne d'Or, and south on the few stops Métrobus 804 no longer serves due to its extension. (every 15 min, does Havre-aux-Maisons/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Montagne d'Or)
- Parcours 61: A parcours running on the same-numbered highway, just like parcours 71 (see below). However, unlike 71, 61 runs on the entirety of Voldaren Highway 61, and it extends further in both directions to serve Genshin Impact to the north and Deep Cut to the south. (every 30 min, does Deep Cut/Yankovic/Genshin Impact)
- Parcours 65: now part of parcours 4 (every 30 min, did Deep Cut/Yankovic)
- Parcours 69: see Métrobus 804
- Parcours 70: Service between Saint Peters and Nashoba. (every 20 min, does Saint Peters/Nashoba)
- Parcours 71: numbered as such due to it running entirely on Voldaren Highway 71 between the subway terminus in downtown Havre-aux-Maisons to the north end of the highway in Waco. Recently, it was extended south to Deep Cut, including a portion on I-69. (every 20 min, does Deep Cut/Havre-aux-Maisons/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Todokete/Waco)
- Parcours 72: see Métrobus 803
- Parcours 80: provides a direct link to/from Deep Cut and Santa Monica via I-36. (every 15 min, does Deep Cut/Santa Monica)
- Parcours 82: A parcours originally doing Deep Cut/SimpleFlips, 82 was then extended to Sainte-Avacyn, and as I-69 was finished, it was extended again to L'Anse-à-la-Cabane. (every 20 min, does L'Anse-à-la-Cabane/Sainte-Avacyn/SimpleFlips/Deep Cut)
- Parcours 83: Local service between Tuscaloosa and Batman. (every 20 min, does Batman/Tuscaloosa)
- Parcours 84: Local SimpleFlips service. (every 30 min, does SimpleFlips)
- Parcours 85: Local service between SimpleFlips and Grosse-Île on I-75/Voldaren Highway 77. (every 30 min, does Grosse-Île/SimpleFlips)
- Parcours 87 (future): A former Grande-Entrée/Kalamazoo parcours that was replaced by Métrobus 803, Parcours 87 will be revived on roughly the same route and beyond, possibly as far as Genshin Impact. (every 15 min, will do Grande-Entrée/Kalamazoo/Yankovic/Hollywood/Genshin Impact)
- Parcours 89: A parcours running from Ohio to Deep Cut while going in L'Anse-à-la-Cabane and Grande-Entrée. (every 30 min, does Ohio/L'Anse-à-la-Cabane/Grande-Entrée/Santa Monica/Deep Cut)
- Parcours 90: formerly a local Deep Cut route, but it was extended up Boulevard SiIvaGunner when Métrobus 801 was removed from it, then extended again to Bruce... then again to Schlattville when I-40 was built. (every 15 min, does Deep Cut/Havre-aux-Maisons/Bruce/Schlattville)
- Parcours 91: local Deep Cut route created to attempt to correct the convoluted Parcours 94 routing caused by the weird intersections on then-I-69 (every 30 min, does Deep Cut)
- Parcours 94: alternative to Métrobus 801 between Havre-aux-Maisons and Deep Cut. Known for the horrible routing caused by then-I-69, which at one point put both directions of the parcours on the same side of then-Voldaren Highway 44. (every 15 min, does Deep Cut/Havre-aux-Maisons)
- Parcours 95: Formerly the shortest parcours, it was extended to many times its length to unite the then-extent of I-67 under one parcours. It goes on Voldaren Highway 79 instead of I-67 between Tuscaloosa and Pittsburgh, though. (every 20 min, does Deep Cut/Yankovic/Todokete/Tuscaloosa/Pittsburgh)
- Parcours 97: local Deep Cut service, formerly had a convoluted routing for the same reasons as Parcours 94 near its western end, but it was fixed. (every 30 min, does Deep Cut)
- Parcours 194: Formerly a "limited service" (alternating stops) alternative to Métrobus 801 and Parcours 94. Has since been replaced by Parcours 4, 53, 90, 94.


- Int. 100: bus service between every station of the métro. Only runs if there is a métro closure. (every 5 min during métro closures)
- Int. 104, 107, 189: service from the Deep Cut neighborhoods to Terminus Dinksterville in Deep Cut (every 5 to 30 min)
- Int. 116: former service from Station BUP to Terminus Steamed Hams of the métro in L'Étang-du-Ouest. Removed due to the redundancy with parcours 1 and the Ligne verte of the métro. (every 5 to 30 min)
- Int. 143: service from Station Dietrich of the métro in northern Deep Cut to downtown (every 5 to 15 min)
- Int. 157: former service from Station Pointe-des-Canots to Terminus Havre-aux-Maisons of the métro in Havre-aux-Maisons. It was created to fill in the void left by ending the métro just shy of downtown HAM, but since the métro was indeed constructed, Intermédiaire 157 was abolished, albeit much later after the new métro was constructed. (every 5 to 30 min)
- Int. 183: service between downtown Tuscaloosa and Station Danny-DeVito of the métro. (every 5 to 30 min)
- Int. 184: service from SimpleFlips downtown to the Express 225 stop east of town (every 5 to 30 min)
- Int. 199: former temporary service between the new Station Dinksterville of the métro and the old Dinksterville bus terminus. It was removed once the bus routes were redirected to the new métro station and the old terminus demolished. (every 5 to 10 min)


Deep Cut[]

- Express 211: Pawhuska
- Express 225: SimpleFlips and Grande-Entrée
- Express 246: L'Étang-du-Ouest
- Express 247: Nashoba
- Express 248: Pittsburgh
- Express 254: Kalamazoo
- Express 265: Yankovic
- Express 269: Gallup and Saint Peters*
- Express 272: Grosse-Île
- Express 275: Oromocto
- Express 280: Santa Monica
- Express 283: Tuscaloosa
- Express 286 (future): Alanland
- Express 290: Schlattville
- Express 392: see Métrobus 805


- Express 340: Waco
- Express 345: Pawhuska
- Express 346: see Parcours 55
- Express 347: Nashoba
- Express 348: Pittsburgh
- Express 357: see Parcours 56
- Express 358: see Parcours 58
- Express 380: Santa Monica
- Express 384: SimpleFlips
- Express 386 (future): Alanland
- Express 387: Grande-Entrée
- Express 392: see Métrobus 805


- Express 586 (future): Alanland
- Express 587: Grande-Entrée


- Spleef 401: Havre-aux-Maisons*
- Spleef 402: Deep Cut*
- Spleef 403: SimpleFlips
- Spleef 404: Schlattville
- Spleef 405: Saint Peters/Gallup
- Spleef 406: Pittsburgh/Tuscaloosa
- Spleef 407: Batman/Bruce
- Spleef 408: Genshin Impact/Waco
- Spleef 409: Flood/Leggid/Castlevania
- Spleef 410: Yankovic/Kalamazoo
- Spleef 411: Santa Monica/Grande-Entrée
- Spleef 412: Paleto Bay/Sandy Shores/Los Santos
- Spleef 413: Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!/Astolfo/Nashoba


- Métrobus 800: Originally a small part of parcours 1, it became the western part of the backbone of the bus system. (every 5 to 10 min, does Paleto Bay/Sandy Shores/Los Santos/Santa Monica/Bagdad/Kalamazoo/Yankovic/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Havre-aux-Maisons)
- Métrobus 801: Starting in Genshin Impact, 801 heads south to Hollywood, Yankovic and Havre-aux-Maisons before having a famous overlap with 800 until a split in Pointe-des-Canots. It then keeps going south through many towns, acting as the eastern equivalent to Métrobus 800 as a high-frequency route. The segment between Havre-aux-Maisons and SimpleFlips was parcours 1. (every 5 to 10 min, does Las Vegas/Shediac/Saint Peters/Gallup/Grosse-Île/Grande-Entrée/SimpleFlips/Deep Cut/Havre-aux-Maisons/Yankovic/Hollywood/Genshin Impact)
- Métrobus 802: the main route from/to Tuscaloosa and Havre-aux-Maisons, Havre-aux-Maisons and Pawhuska, as well as Pawhuska and Deep Cut. It's also a much faster Métrobus to/from Deep Cut and Grande-Entrée, as it only goes through undeveloped land between the two. (every 5 to 10 min, does Ohio/Bad Apple!!/Oromocto/Grande-Entrée/Deep Cut/Pawhuska/Havre-aux-Maisons/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Todokete/Tuscaloosa)
- Métrobus 803: This route serves a few western towns. It has two parts of former routes: parcours 87 was the Kalamazoo/Grande-Entrée segment and parcours 72 was the Oromocto/Grosse-Île segment. (every 5 to 10 min, does Kalamazoo/Santa Monica/Grande-Entrée/Oromocto/Gallup/Grosse-Île/SimpleFlips/Nashoba)
- Métrobus 804: Former parcours 69 (which was on the same-numbered route before it became an interstate), now a long bus route connecting Havre-aux-Maisons with Waco and Genshin Impact to the north as well as Kalamazoo and Alanland's Flood oblast to the west. (every 5 to 10 min, does Flood/Kalamazoo/Havre-aux-Maisons/Waco/Genshin Impact)
- Métrobus 805: Consists of a segment from Castlevania to Deep Cut that is original, as well as a segment from Deep Cut to Havre-aux-Maisons that was part of Express 392 before high riderships (9% of the total network passengers were on 392) forced the conversion to a Métrobus route. Recently, it was given a well overdue extension east to Bruce and Schlattville. (every 5 to 10 min, does Flood/Leggid/Castlevania/Bagdad/Deep Cut/Havre-aux-Maisons/Bruce/Schlattville)
- Métrobus 806: Consists of the former Parcours 43, it's a very long bus route going from Pittsburgh all the way to Schlattville. When 806 was created, it simply covered every parcours 43 stop, but now it turns a few stops before the former south end and heads on I-36 towards Astolfo, Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! and Schlattville. (every 5 to 10 min, does Pittsburgh/Tuscaloosa/Batman/L'Étang-du-Ouest/Havre-aux-Maisons/Deep Cut/Astolfo/Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!/Schlattville)
- Métrobus 807: A combination of former parcours 7 and current parcours 80. 7 was a parcours going between Schlattville and Deep Cut that was created with the intention of being replaced by 807, but it took a while to implement. From Deep Cut to Santa Monica, 807 roughly follows parcours 80, though it is not a one-to-one replacement, so unlike parcours 7, parcours 80 still exists. South of Santa Monica, 807 follows Voldaren Highway 57 to Sainte-Avacyn, then I-69 to L'Anse-à-la-Cabane and Ohio. (every 5 to 10 min, does Ohio/L'Anse-à-la-Cabane/Sainte-Avacyn/Santa Monica/Deep Cut/Pawhuska/Schlattville)

Subway route[]

There is also a single subway line, Ligne verte (EN: Green line). Besides the name being taken from the Montréal line of the same name, it's set up as a generic subway line.

Ligne verte stations[]

Order is listed from south to north, and the bus routes that can be reached from each station are listed. Future stations are in italics and are not definitive.

- Station Toledo in Ohio (planned southern terminus): Parcours 24, Métrobus 807
- Station SiIvaGunner in Bad Apple!!: Parcours 5, Intermédiaire 105
- Terminus du Spleef in Las Vegas (southern terminus): Parcours 12, 24, Spleef 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407, 408, 409, 410, 411, 412, 413, Métrobus 801
- Station de la Sagouine in Shediac: Parcours 12, Métrobus 801
- Station Saint Peters in Saint Peters: Parcours 70, Express 269, Spleef 405, Métrobus 801
- Station Kiki-Jiki in Nashoba: Parcours 47, 70, Express 247, 347, Métrobus 803
- Station SimpleFlips in SimpleFlips: Parcours 34, 82, 84, 85, Intermédiaire 184, Express 225, Spleef 403, Métrobus 803
- Station Dinksterville in Dinksterville: Parcours 2, 44, 80, 89, Intermédiaire 104, 107, 189, Express 211, 225, 246, 248, 254, 265, 269, 272, 275, 280, 283, 290, Métrobus 802, 807
- Terminus Deep Cut in downtown Deep Cut: Parcours 2, 53, 54, 82, 94, 95, 97, Intermédiaire 104, 189, Spleef 402, Métrobus 801
- Station Dietrich in North Deep Cut: Parcours 55, 71, 90, Intermédiaire 143, Spleef 402, Métrobus 806
- Station Seth-Everman in Havre-aux-Maisons: Parcours 55, 90, Express 380, Métrobus 804, 805
- Terminus Havre-aux-Maisons in Havre-aux-Maisons: Parcours 1, 55, 56, 58, 71, 90, 94, Express 340, 345, 348, 380, 384, 387, Spleef 401, Métrobus 800, 801, 804, 805
- Station Pointe-des-Canots in Pointe-des-Canots: Parcours 50, 56, Métrobus 800
- Station Pierre-Bertrand in Pointe-des-Canots: Parcours 11, 46, 50, 57, 58, Métrobus 800, 802
- Station Butte-BUP in L'Étang-du-Ouest: Parcours 46, 71, Métrobus 802, 806
- Terminus Steamed Hams in L'Étang-du-Ouest: Parcours 71, Métrobus 800, 806
- Station Todokete in Todokete: Parcours 4, 55, 95, Métrobus 802
- Station Gotham City in Batman: Parcours 83, Spleef 407, Métrobus 806
- Station Danny-DeVito in Tuscaloosa: Parcours 83, 95, Intermédiaire 183, Express 283, Spleef 406, Métrobus 802, 806
- Terminus Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh (northern terminus): Parcours 1, 2, 95, Spleef 406, Métrobus 806

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