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Shield for Interstate 67.

Interstate 67 is a major freeway in Innistrad.


Interstate 67 started off as Interstate 940, a short connector from then-Interstate 40 north to Voldaren Highway 71 in Deep Cut, and as a then-western extension of Interstate 55. It was decided fairly early on to connect those two freeways and unify them under a single number, and thus the number 67 was chosen due to it being completely west of Interstate 69 at the time.

As the freeway was connected, I-67 was signed as NORD/SUD (north/south), but then changed to EST/OUEST (east/west) north of Yankovic. After multiple changes from EST/OUEST to NORD/SUD and vice versa, it was decided to sign I-67 as NORD-EST/SUD-OUEST (northeast/southwest) on its whole length.

Route log[]

From southwest to northeast:

Truck route[]

I-67 has an official truck route, I-67 Truck, that bypasses a major hill near L'Étang-du-Ouest via I-58. It is unsigned, though.

Truck route log[]

From southwest to northeast:

  • BEGIN Interstate 67 Truck NORTHEAST at I-67/I-69 northwest of L'Étang-du-Ouest (BEGIN OVERLAP I-58 EAST)
  • JCT I-69 south of Waco
  • END Interstate 67 Truck NORTHEAST at I-67/I-58 south of Todokete (END OVERLAP I-58 EAST)