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Shield for Interstate 55.

Interstate 55 is a major north-south freeway in Innistrad.


Interstate 55's first segment was originally constructed early on as a small segment of I-40. However, when I-40 was realigned to bypass Pointe-des-Canots, that segment remained. Originally numbered as I-140, it was then renumbered I-55 when it got extended past the old I-40 alignment.

The construction of I-55 as a standalone Interstate began with a small segment from Voldaren Highway 66 and now-I-50 (then planned as I-955). Then, further north, it was supposed to be Voldaren Highway 73, but the alignment coincided with I-55, so the Interstate was constructed instead, first to now-I-81 in L'Étang-du-Ouest, then all the way to Yankovic, but the I-55 designation was truncated to I-67.

South of the old I-40 alignment, I-55 was extended to Pawhuska, first to former Business Loop 55 in Pawhuska, then to the new I-38.

After a while, that segment of I-55 was seen as very dangerous, especially between I-40 and I-38, where accidents were all too common. As a result, most of I-55 is fairly new construction, with four segments reconstructed heavily. The four reconstructed segments are between I-42 and just south of Voldaren Highway 366, one between Voldaren Highway 366 and I-40, one between the first Voldaren Highway 71 intersection and I-81 and one between the second and third Voldaren Highway 71 junctions, with a major reconstruction also happening on nearby Route 2755.

After the reconstruction efforts happened, the next step was to extend I-55 way south. During the extension, Nashoba was founded. The new southern terminus is at I-81 all the way to Las Vegas.

Route log[]

From south to north: