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Shield for Interstate 38.

Interstate 38 is a major east-west freeway in Innistrad.


Interstate 38's original idea was to use what was then Voldaren Highway 44 from end to end, including a segment in the Dinksterville neighborhood of Deep Cut that would connect to a new freeway to then recently christened I-75. Many problems with the connection occured, though, so for a while, the Dinksterville segment was I-138 and I-38 used part of I-69 and Route 1812.

In the meantime, many adjustments to I-38 were made, such as a lengthy western extension to the Leggid oblast in Alanland, and an eastern extension to Pawhuska and Bruce. But after all, I-38 did get its Dinksterville connection, and what remained of the old road became either a secondary road (Route 1812) or an extension of I-469.

I-38 got an eastern extension in early 2022 to connect with the new Voldaren Highway 80, and in May 2022 it was further extended to the new Interstate 81.

Route log[]

From west to east: