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Shield for Interstate 36.

Interstate 36 is one of the longest east-west freeways in Innistrad.


I-36 originated as two freeways: I-181, going from downtown Los Santos to I-81 near Santa Monica, and I-375, a short connector between I-69 and I-75 between Deep Cut and SimpleFlips. The two were resigned as I-36 before the two segments were connected.

I-36 then benefitted from multiple extensions: three eastern extensions towards Astolfo, Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! and Schlattville, and two western extensions towards Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay.

The north-south portions of I-36 combined with the already lengthy, cross-country nature of the highway made it the longest east-west highway of any kind in Innistrad until I-50 was extended to the Flood oblast.

Route log[]

From west to east: