Liliana's Minecraft World Wiki

There are many plans for future infrastructure in Innistrad. Here's a list.

Highway projects[]

  1. Extending I-50 west towards the Alanland oblast of Flood. Done!
  2. Renumbering I-95 to I-281. Plan cancelled.
  3. Connecting future I-281 to I-781 in Las Vegas. Plan cancelled.
  4. Extending I-67 and I-467 north, making them end at each other. Done!
  5. Extending I-87 north towards Genshin Impact. Done!
  6. Constructing Voldaren Highway 161 between I-87 in Hollywood and Voldaren Highway 61 south of Genshin Impact.
  7. Extending both I-55 and Voldaren Highway 79 to Las Vegas. Done!
  8. Finding a permanent number for currently secret route 3571. Done: Voldaren Highway 971
  9. Extending I-36 west to Fort Lauderdale.
  10. Extending I-34 west to Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.
  11. Extending I-69 south to Ohio. Done!
  12. Extending I-75, Voldaren Highway 26 and Voldaren Highway 71 west to Ohio. Partially done.
  13. Redirecting Voldaren Highway 71 away from I-75 between Oromocto and Bad Apple!!. Done!

Bus and métro projects[]

  1. Setting up a plan in case of storm.
  2. Reconstructing bus stops that have fallen behind on standards.
  3. Fixing the signs ruined by Minecraft updates. Done!
  4. Extending the métro (read Métro extension below).
  5. Implementing additional bus service (read Bus routes below)

Métro extension[]

  • Construction of a southern extension to Las Vegas via Nashoba, Saint Peters and Shediac. Done!
  • Construction of a northern extension to Pittsburgh via Batman and Tuscaloosa. Done!
  • Construction of a southern extension to Ohio.

Bus routes[]

  • Replacement of Intermédiaire 104, Intermédiaire 107 and Intermédiaire 189 in Deep Cut with regular parcours. Tentatively numbered Parcours 14, Parcours 17 and an extension of Parcours 89 respectively.
  • Replacement of Express 587 with Parcours 87, then extension of Parcours 87 from Kalamazoo to Hollywood and Genshin Impact.
  • Extension of Parcours 44 north towards Kalamazoo.
  • Extensions of Parcours 55, Spleef 409, Métrobus 804 and Métrobus 805 in Alanland when I-50 gets opened further west. Done!
  • Extension of Parcours 80 west to Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures when I-34 opens.
  • Extension of Parcours 85 southwest towards Gallup, Oromocto, Bad Apple!!, Ohio.
  • Extension of Parcours 91 north to replace Intermédiaire 143, then north again as an overlap with Parcours 55.
  • Extension of Métrobus 802 to Ohio when the Voldaren Highway 26 extension opens. Done!
  • Extension of Métrobus 807 to Ohio when the I-69 extension opens. Done!
  • Elimination of Intermédiaire 184 in SimpleFlips. Plan cancelled, as Intermédiaire 184 is useful for going from downtown to Station SimpleFlips of the métro.
  • Elimination of Express 346 and replacement with Parcours 47. Done, Express 346 was replaced with an extension of Parcours 55 instead. 47 was assigned to a parcours in Nashoba.
  • Redirection of Express 225 to bypass SimpleFlips.
  • Redirection of Parcours 94 in Deep Cut to eliminate the big loop.
  • Creation of Express 212 and Express 312 to Las Vegas.
  • Creation of Express 228 and Express 328 to L'Anse-à-la-Cabane.
  • Creation of Express 234 and Express 334 to Paleto Bay.
  • Creation of Express 240 to Waco.
  • Creation of Express 248 and Express 348 to Pittsburgh. Done!
  • Creation of Express 261 and Express 361 to Genshin Impact.
  • Creation of Express 369 to Saint Peters.
  • Creation of Express 375 to Oromocto.
  • Reorganizing of the Express routes in Deep Cut to make them reach the new Station Dinksterville of the métro. Between the opening of the métro station and the reorganizing, Intermédiaire 199 will act as a temporary high-frequency connector. Done!
  • Renumbering of some Express routes to better match their Parcours counterparts (see full list below).

Express renumbering[]

  • Express 225 would become Express 287 to match Parcours 87 and Express 387/587 in Grande-Entrée.
  • Express 269 would become Express 270 to match Parcours 70 in Saint Peters.
  • Express 275 would become Express 219 to match Parcours 19 in Oromocto.
  • Express 345 would become Express 311 to match Parcours 11 and Express 211 in Pawhuska.