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Many highways in Innistrad have been decommissioned or truncated for a multitude of reasons.

List of decommissioned highways[]


- I-38F: What was a disconnected segment of I-38 in the Leggid neighborhood of Alanland, going from I-50 to a local road downtown. The reason why the segment wasn't labeled as just I-38 was because of how far the rest of the freeway was. However, I-38 did get that missing piece built, so I-38F became just I-38.
- I-44: From I-55 in L'Étang-du-Ouest to I-39 west of Bruce. Formerly parts of Voldaren Highway 66 and I-47, the dualization of the former led to the creation of I-44. However, it's now part of I-81 since its extension east of Yankovic.
- I-147: A spur into Pointe-des-Canots from I-40 to its parent. Now the easternmost segment of I-50.
- I-150: A temporary number for a stub of future I-50 between Voldaren Highway 66 and I-69 in Havre-aux-Maisons. It was the shortest numbered route ever (at around 8 blocks), and was signed NORD/SUD (north/south) because the stub was heading that way. Now that I-50 was extended, I-150 is decomissioned.
- I-155: Once a spur from I-55 into L'Étang-du-Ouest, it's now parts of I-81 and I-47.
- I-167: A former spur of I-67 to Kalamazoo, now part of I-81.
- I-181: A former spur of I-81 to Santa Monica and Los Santos. When it existed, it was the longest three-digit interstate by far. It went from BS-181X (now BS-36X) in Los Santos to I-81 northeast of Santa Monica. It's now part of I-36.
- I-269: A former loop of I-69 in Havre-aux-Maisons, now part of I-75.
- I-324: A spur of I-24 from Oromocto south to Bad Apple!!. It was fully overlapped with Voldaren Highway 71, and as it was only a two-lane road, it became just 71 for a while. Afterwards, the road was four-laned and I-324 was recommissioned, though it's now part of I-75, making I-324 the only interstate to be decommissioned twice.
- I-367: A former spur in North Deep Cut from I-67 to Voldaren Highway 577, now part of I-469.
- I-369: Now I-650.
- I-375: A former connector from/to I-69 and I-75 just south of Deep Cut. Now part of I-36.
- I-567: Went from I-69 to I-47 near Todokete. Now I-58.
- First iteration of I-569: The temporary number for a continuation of I-69 on an existing right of way as the Waco extension was being constructed. Not to be confused with the current I-569.
- I-755: Now I-42.
- I-767: Now I-87.
- I-940: A former spur of I-40 in Deep Cut before I-40 was truncated and replaced by I-69; it is now a small segment of I-67.

Voldaren Highways[]

- Voldaren Highway 12: Formerly a spur from I-55 into Pawhuska. Now part of BL-55A.
- Voldaren Highway 32: Now Voldaren Highway 532.
- Voldaren Highway 44: Formerly the road between Deep Cut and Bagdad. It was divided and is now part of I-38.
- Voldaren Highway 49: Formerly the road between Voldaren Highway 44 and Kalamazoo. Now part of Voldaren Highway 57.
- Voldaren Highway 58: One of the many numbers used when Voldaren Highway 66 was rerouted around. Voldaren Highway 66 ended up taking back the Voldaren Highway 58 right of way eventually.
- First iteration of Voldaren Highway 62: A road just south of Voldaren Highway 66 in Havre-aux-Maisons. Mostly unbuilt now, however Voldaren Highway 366 vaguely follows the right of way.
- Second iteration of Voldaren Highway 62: Another road south of Voldaren Highway 66, ironically, but on an alignment slightly to the north of I-40. When Voldaren Highway 66 was taken off I-147, it took over Voldaren Highway 62.
- Voldaren Highway 63: Formerly the number for an old alignment of Voldaren Highway 71 when the later was rerouted onto I-75. When the new Boulevard SiIvaGunner alignment was constructed in its right of way, Voldaren Highway 71 was rerouted back onto it.
- Voldaren Highway 69: Former minor road that went from I-40 to Voldaren Highway 66 in Havre-aux-Maisons. It was divided, then extended into the backbone of the country, becoming I-69.
- Voldaren Highway 71T: The official designation for the old Voldaren Highway 71 between its southern end at Voldaren Highway 26 in Bad Apple!! to just north of Oromocto where the old route joins the new bypass. It was commissioned on May 12th, 2022 so 71 could be assigned to the then-unbuilt bypass and decommissioned the following day. 71T mostly remained signed as 71 in the 24 hours it existed.
- First iteration of Voldaren Highway 73: Was a proposed number for what was eventually numbered I-55 between Pointe-des-Canots and L'Étang-du-Ouest.
- Second iteration of Voldaren Highway 73: This time, the number was actually used, as the southernmost portion of Voldaren Highway 77 when it instead went to Saint Peters.
- Voldaren Highway 75: What's now the northern portion of Voldaren Highway 71 (from Havre-aux-Maisons north). It also used Voldaren Highway 140 at one point.
- Voldaren Highway 83: A road that went from I-24 into Saint Peters. It was fully overlapped with Business Loop 24C, and was decommissioned in favor of Voldaren Highway 79.
- Voldaren Highway 140: A predecessor to I-47, it was a two-lane road just west of the current I-47 alignment.
- Voldaren Highway 163: Renumbered from Voldaren Highway 571 (but way later than the change from 71 to 63). It was changed to a secondary road, then became an extension of Voldaren Highway 77.
- Voldaren Highway 171: "Boulevard de la Montagne" in Deep Cut, now partially the right of way of I-67.
- Voldaren Highway 175: When Voldaren Highway 75 was realigned, this number got used on a short segment between it and I-55. Eventually it became part of Voldaren Highway 63, then 71.
- Voldaren Highway 272: A spur of Voldaren Highway 71 in Havre-aux-Maisons. It was possibly numbered so because it was an east-west route.
- Voldaren Highway 277: A stub of Voldaren Highway 77 when it was being constructed. It became Voldaren Highway 77 when it was completed.
- Voldaren Highway 357: Went from Voldaren Highway 48 in the center of Santa Monica to I-181 (now I-36) just east of the center. Historically it went along Voldaren Highway 48's path west to its end, and on a now-demolished segment to Voldaren Highway 57.
- Voldaren Highways 466 and 471: Former spur of Voldaren Highway 66 left over when 66 was routed on I-147 and I-47 to L'Étang-du-Ouest. Eventually, Voldaren Highway 71 was routed on a part of it and the rest was renumbered to Voldaren Highway 471. Then, Voldaren Highway 66 went back to that alignment and Voldaren Highway 471 was decommissioned.
- Voldaren Highway 538: A former two-lane spur from I-38 into Pawhuska. Now decommissioned thanks to the nearby I-42 making it redundant.
- Voldaren Highway 566: Went from Voldaren Highway 71 near the Avacyn bus terminal in L'Étang-du-Ouest to the intersection with (now former) Voldaren Highway 66 in downtown. Eventually renumbered as Voldaren Highway 80.
- Voldaren Highway 571: Formerly the loop left by the old Voldaren Highway 71 alignment in Deep Cut. It remained as 571 even after the leftover 71 was changed to 63... but eventually, it did get changed to 163, then 77 took it over.
- Voldaren Highway 769: A former two-lane spur of I-69 in Havre-aux-Maisons. Now part of Voldaren Highway 66.

Secondary highways[]

- Route 947: Formerly a stub from I-40 into Pointe-des-Canots, now part of I-147.
- I-1038: see I-38F in the Interstate highways section
- Route 1067: Essentially a business loop for I-67 in Yankovic before business loops existed. It was decommissioned and replaced with Business Spur 67.
- Route 1098: A Grande-Entrée road that was created in order to serve the bus terminal.
- Route 1175: A downgrade of Voldaren Highway 175, now a part of Voldaren Highway 71.
- Route 1354: A Grande-Entrée road that was created to serve the west side of town. Now part of Voldaren Highway 532.
- Route 1422: Formerly a two-lane road from I-67 to a harbor west of L'Étang-du-Ouest, its right of way was used for the I-69 Waco extension and the new Voldaren Highway 80.
- Route 1657: A former viaduct that went over I-69 in Deep Cut. The viaduct has been demolished, so Route 1657 is decommissioned.
- Route 2773: Boulevard de Todokete in, well, Todokete. It's now part of Voldaren Highway 71.
- Route 3571: Route d'Hylia between L'Anse-à-la-Cabane and Grande-Entrée. It was a temporary unsigned number assigned until a proper number was chosen for this alignment. That proper number was 971.
- Route 6601: Acted as the western part of a Waco loop. Now the numbered route was truncated on both ends to Voldaren Highway 71 and given only one number: 6701.
- Route 6969: Chemin Three Houses south of Deep Cut. It existed so that road was in the inventory of the DOT. However, the road was extended on the old I-75 alignment when the interstate was realigned, and as a result became an alternative road to/from I-138 and I-36. Thus, it was renumbered Business Spur 138C.
- Route 12047: Route 1, 2 Oatmeal in L'Étang-du-Ouest. The number was leet speak for 1 2 OAT, which is the first half of the name of the road.